Spray chiller


Our Flux-Hi™ Shell and Tube Spray chillers are internationally accepted.

With this setup the refrigerant is evaporating in the shell and the hot media is cooled inside the tubes.

In 1999 for the first time a Flux-Hi™ system was delivered.

Since then we have equipped, amongst others, many distribution centers of leading Supermarket Chains.


Advantages over other systems:
  • Integrated Refrigerant Separator in the Flux-Hi™, no additional Separator vessel is needed

  • Less Refrigerant filling then in other systems

  • Because of the variable Refrigerant Level inside the Flux-Hi™ the Refrigerant filling of the whole system can be stored inside the Flux-Hi™

  • Tube to tube sheet connections are double sealed and tested with a helium leak test for a high level of safety

  • Unlike with Plate heat exchangers, repairs are easily possible with a short shutdown period

  • Every Flux-Hi™ is custom made according to user demands; additionally we have our CAS standard range with short delivery times

  • We also provide complete solutions with refrigerant vessels, valves, instruments, pumps, heat recovery and other equipment. Our complete systems are delivered pre mounted on a steel frame

References - Project 1

Flux-Hi™ (Cascadecooler) mounted in skid


References - Project 2

Flux-Hi™ watercooler



References - Project 3

Flux-Hi™ CAS14-6 NH3/CO2 cascade