Individual solutions

With a lot of commitment and know-how we will find a suitable solution for your company.


Sustainable solutions

Our commitment to sustainability is characterized by the use
of the natural refrigerants CO2 and NH3. Our products thus comply with the latest environmental and safety regulations, such as the
F-Gas Regulation. In this way, we offer our customers sustainable, energy efficient and future-proof solutions in the refrigeration sector.


The Flux-Hi™ system is a spray chiller with a wide field of applications. It can be used for example as a NH3/CO2 cascade,
as a liquid chiller, chillers for seawater and other applications. 

The integrated refrigerant separator makes an additional refrigerant separator obsolete. Capacities up to 8000kW per unit and tempe-rature difference from 0,5K and very high quality from design make our system the best choice.

More then 350 industrial refrigeration installations use our Flux-Hi™ system.