All our products are manufactured in our factory in Germany. We are approved by leading approval companies and have a large number of inspection options in our production, such as X-ray and ultrasound. We also have a separate work area for our stainless steel production. With qualified employees and innovative production technologies, we follow our claim to deliver qualitative and innovative products.

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Our highly qualified and experienced team, as well as excellent know-how in the field of refrigeration technology, oil & gas and
plant engineering has made us a specialist for the engineering of refrigeration plants, energy recycling systems and special pressure equipment.





Customer satisfaction is our highest requirement. In order to meet specific customer requirements, we offer our customers design, construction and production from a single source. In order to be able
to secure the quality demands of the customers, we are certified by leading acceptance companies.


When developing new products, we focus on the specific needs of our customers and rely on technical, environmentally friendly, efficient and powerful innovations.